Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wake me up when 2014 ends

As I am writing this post, so much has changed.. This weekend, I will be graduating for the 2nd time (or 3rd) in KLPAC without my dad.

Yes, dad collapsed and I took him to the hospital on 3rd March 2014, and he lost consciousness since. That was the day I last spoke to papa. I know dad battled hard, even when he wasn't awake, he fought hard but somehow, I think he lost the battle. He left without saying goodbye on 15th March 2014. A phone call from the hospital at 5a.m. was a dreadful one. And waiting for the sun to rise that morning, took forever. I didn't want that day to come. I didn't wish to see the sun that day. I just wasn't in the mood to.

I was 23 when dad left. 100 days until I turn 24. Just when I thought I had everything in the world, something was taken from me. Is this normal in life?

When that moment came, I know it was time for me to stand up and be strong. I am the man of the family. Who else if its not me?

When someone was taken from me, someone else entered my life. Is God trying to be fair to me?

Anyway, life goes on. The life of Adolescent Froggie.. No, this blog isn't abandoned. The writer of this blog just needed some time to sort out his life.

Bigger plans coming up in life, and I will do my best to make dad proud. I am sure he is among the stars, some place where he could watch over us everyday. Will keep this blog alive no matter what! And will be filled with pictures in the coming post.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012, Summer time in Canterbury

people come and go in life. in this 1 year, i have met so many people from different parts of the world, and different parts of Malaysia. some as far halfway round the globe, while some as near as 20 minutes drive away from my home. and i get to meet them in UK.

the time i spent here isn't that long. the time i spent outside, less. the time i spent with someone dear, least. but those are the moments i cherished the most.

my housemate in hales place will be leaving to Malaysia tomorrow. we cooked for each other for the past 2 weeks. this will be one moment in my life that isn't extraordinary, but will always be remembered. in the future, things i learnt in the kitchen last fortnight is going to be one valuable memory! =p

and again, people come and go. the go part, is the sad part. i hope to get this phrase tattooed somewhere on my body, to remind me to always appreciate the ones who left my life with a footprint that will never be washed away. this love thing IS one hell of a word.

blogs come and go.
some blogs died long ago.
some were just abandoned.
i just plan to keep my blog as far as my life can go.
and if i die, this blog dies with me =) thats the cycle of life.

this blog may just be an anonymous blog, by a novice blogger.
but this is the life and some puzzle pieces of me. and if every life is created equal
what matters most is how much that person appreciates life.

me at stery's graduation

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HELLO to 2012 (5 Months late)

wah my last post was 5 months ago. everytime when i'm outside, i always have something in my mind that i'd want to write in my blog. but everything goes blank once i reach my room.

a lot happened since :) i went to London for Christmas and celebrated New Year's Eve in Kent. Then Chinese New Year passed, and the Valentines Day (Forever Alone Day).. Now its Easter Break already. And my 1st paper will be in 1 week. Time flies eh. If you've known me well, you'd realize that I didn't change a bit. I am my old self, only been to more places and seen more stuff. Other than that, I'm the same old me. I am still loving what I used to love.

As for studies, not so well. I discovered my true interest is finance, but also had to face my real weakness, the quantitative side of finance. Probability and Statistics, Stochastic, Random Variables.. like wtf, I wasn't MADE to handle so much maths.

Erm, anyway, pictures will be posted according to timeline. yeah, timeline, the new and improved feature in FACEBOOK..
 My first visit to Emirates Stadium. it was Arsenal 1 - 1 Wolves
 It snows in Kent !

MNight Performance by Kent Uni

 A trip to Whitstable
Me & Farah outside the flat
 Bersih 3.0 in London. What a satisfying day !

Friday, December 9, 2011

life at Canterbury

let me talk a little about this town South-East of England. Canterbury. Largest university around is the Uni of Kent. it is about 1.5 hours from London (by bus/train) and around 1 hour (by express train, you pay more of course). Nothing famous here except for the Canterbury Cathedral, which is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England and is part of a World Heritage Site. As a student, I move around by taking the double-decker bus. Shopping for groceries, and some sightseeing also by bus, after all I have paid for the yearly bus pass.

I have not visited many places in England. On my first day of arrival at Heathrow Airport, it was quite intimidating. All alone in a foreign land, thousands of miles away from home. The sun here seemed different, not the one that used to greet me in the morning in Malaysia. Arrived at London 6.00 a.m. and after visa checks, around 7.30 am. And then I had to find my way to the Travelodge hotel, some 20mins away from airport. Waited at the lobby until check-in time which is 12 noon. Was lucky I met a Malaysian girl at the lobby and we chatted. I felt better after the short chat. Not so lonely anymore :)

Jetlag, tired and scared, I wasn't myself. Woke up the next morning and took a bus to the Airport to catch the Uni airport pickup. After meeting some staffs and volunteers, felt so much better. I felt like being saved from an unknown land.

Checking in to my accommodation in uni was a breeze as I was one of the early arrivals. The uni looked empty, and the sun looked familiar again :) I was the only one in my flat that day, felt lonely again. Anyway, unpacked and tried to settle down. Met my flatmates the next 2 days, and they were all Malaysians.

Picture time :)

Bus stop in Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral
a random store :)

railway tracks
Canterbury Cathedral. again.

an actual Maze at Leeds Castle (similar to the one in Harry Potter xD)
Leeds Castle, with its extremely huge garden
Canterbury Westgate Tower (imagine double-decker buses squeeze through it all the time)
i kinda like this picture. taken at Tyler Hill, Uni of Kent :)
cheers for now

Saturday, December 3, 2011

how much my life has changed

i've been to places. seen things. and shared my experiences. now i'm back to college again. going through college life all over. i am unsure if it is a smart or stupid decision by me, but again I am hoping to see a whole lot of things throughout my one year in England.

am studying for my Masters in Finance, Investment & Risk at Uni of Kent now. Busy with assignments & courseworks. Worrying about exams & having to struggle with probability & statistics. yes, ALL over AGAIN. but what the hell, its only a year and i am going to nail it this time =)

i've been so behind in updating stuff here, anyway the pictures i am about to share were taken in Cambodia. more pictures of Canterbury (England) will be up soon, i promise :)

pub Street

a cafe at Pub Street, Siem Reap

Tonle Sap Lake

our tuk tuk driver

one of world's 7 wonder. Angkor Wat =)

at a museum in Cambodia

clothes of the dead..

oversized cockles aka siham xD

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011: a new year, new goal, a new me ;)

hii people. hahah. it has been months yea. been busy, but not so occupied until i'm not able to update the blog.. heheh. just wasnt in a blogging mood ;)

since September, i've got myself a job at HSBC Cyberjaya =) thank you thank you ~ :-) it has been where i spent most of my time ever since. hmm. live to work eh??

not really, as i have big plans coming up. so not to worry guys, i will definitely keep you updated. i've been well. a little stressed up, but doing good. been going out less and going to bed early. overall, i've been a damn good boy in 2011. hahah

before signing out from blogger, for god knows till when, let me share with you some of my 2011 pictures =)

its me, finally a graduate =)

family photo @ Samosir Island, Lake Toba

schoolgoers in Medan

a view of Lake Toba

a view on Samosir Island

& last but not least, the LC me =) hahahh

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Career time

i'm 20 and all thats in my mind is to get a decent job to kickstart my career. i want a car. i will want a private place for myself in the future. then i'll want a bigger car. then i'll change my phone, my lappie. everything requires money, work = money. anyway, we'll see how it goes when i get my first job. it could be a bank, or an accounting firm. it may even be a job that is not related to my major. who gives a damn? i dont =D

thats all for now. i should be working already before my next post. fingers crossed xxxx

Monday, July 19, 2010

BSc Accounting & Finance with Hons

phew. finally a graduate ? gahh.. not until i've passed the final 3 papers. results will only be out in 3 months, and i'm left dangling in mid air "an unofficial graduate"..

my future is still very much buried in a dark cave waiting to be dug out. funny, when i came out from the examination hall after my final paper, my mind was totally blank.. i had the 'wow, i've-graduated, now-what' feeling.
i have a few choices in mind tho. 1st is to get a job and work, as working experience may be more useful to me than studying any further. 2nd, work part-time while i apply to further my studies late this year or next year; probably a masters or professional certificate. 3rd, immediately enrol myself into a uni to further my studies, which i feel that i wont gain much out of it by rushing myself..

anyway, keep my fingers crossed that i'd graduate coming January 2011, and all the best to my future...

heres a picture of the class of 2010 UoG graduates taken in Pangkor Island. wishing you guys all the best in your future, and to keep in touch via whatever!

Monday, May 3, 2010

my 20th birthday =)

start giving and you will feel 10 times more satisfied than taking =)

i'll keep that in mind.. happy birthday to me

Sunday, April 4, 2010

poor little kitten..

Saturday, 9.30 PM.. i was at Rest 1, with a bunch of friends.. then a tiny little kitten walked towards me.. i did not see it, cos it was extremely tiny.. looks like a midget.. and it is white in colour.. noticed it has only 1 eye, cos the other must have had an infection..

i wanted to take it home with me... but i did not.. i'm feeling bad right now.. extremely bad. its like i've commited sin. i dont know if the kitten will survive through the night.. sigh.. i SHOULD HAVE done what i wanted to do.. i will be back tomorrow to look for the kitten.. if i find it. i swear i'll bring it home. if not, god, please send an angel to protect the poor little kitten :(